Monday, 20 June 2011

Self Evaluation

1 lowest and 5 Highest

1. How well do you think you have managed your time?

2. Give examples of where you managed your time effectively or where you could have improved your time management.

My production was on time, I planned and filmed my ident in 2 lessons but my pre-production work was only completed after I filmed. I could of improved my pre-production if I was strict to my schedule.

3. How well did you fulfil your role on this project?

4. How did you fulfil your role? Give examples to justify your score.

This score reflects on my ability to organize and concentrate on my goal.

5.How well do you think your animation answered the creative brief?


6.What aspects of the brief did you manage to fulfil? Give examples.

My ident was a form of 2 animations, stop start and cut out. I also kept it colour co-ordinated with E4.

7. What areas of the project didn’t work well? In future what you differently?

The areas that didn’t work well for me were the editing. I didn’t have any experience using Final Cut pro with the Macs also matching the audio I had with the cutout animation I made was very difficult because again I had no experience.

8. What areas of the project are you most proud of?

I was most proud of the fact that the outcome of my ident was as I imagined and the fact that I could use this experience for any similar future situations.

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