Thursday, 4 November 2010

Drawn Animation

Traditional animation, also referred to as classical animation, cel animation, or hand-drawn animation, is the oldest and historically the most popular form of animation. In a traditionally-animated cartoon, each frame is drawn by hand.

Frame rate, or frame frequency, is the frequency (rate) at which an imaging device produces unique consecutive images called frames. The term applies equally well to computer graphics, video cameras, film cameras, and motion capture systems.

In animation each drawing per second is used twice and animation frame rate is 24 frames per second. Because each drawing is used twice only 12 seperate frames are used a second. This makes sure the animation runs soothly.

Examples of famous cell animation would be Walt Disney, Cartoon Network's series Ed Edd n Eddy, and the Simpsons.

Cel animation is very time consuming aswell as rewarding. Everything has to be percise in order for the animation to be smooth. Cel animation in comparison to Cut out animation are very different. Although both techniques are seen as cartoons, both can be altered to be viewed otherwise. The process of cut out animation is stop motion, taking pictures of the cut outs and moving them slightly each frame. Both animation techniques obviously use frames, but only cel animation can use certain frames numerous times unlike cut out animation.

In class we did a little experiment. The whole class got into pairs, I was paired with Proy. The expirement for us was that Proy had to pretend to write a cheque and I would time how long it took her to write it. We repeated this experiment 3 times, the first attemp took 10 seconds, the second attempt took 6 and the last attempt took 8 seconds. Afterwards we calculated the average time it took her to write the cheque, and the result was 8 seconds. The reason for this was to see how many drawings had to be made to create a cartoon of Proy writing a cheque. We concluded that we would need 96 drawings if we were to make a short animated clip of Proy writing her cheque.

The last exercise we did in class today was to draw cartoons. We were given a sheet that guides us to draw the head of a cartoon bear.

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